Concussions and Return to Play – Texas Public Radio coverage

Texas Public Radio ( published a short feature today that looks to be the first part of a multi-part feature about concussions and their consequences in high school athletes. The article also discussed the role of state legislation in passing laws that now require athletes to get medical clearance prior to returning back to play and practice after suffering from a concussion.

The TPR article touches on the concerns by parents that their children may be at risk for concussions and other serious head injuries such as Second Impact Syndrome. The article also discusses some of the limitations of the 2011 Texas law the requires medical clearance after a sports concussion, including the lack of “penalties for coaches, school officials and medical workers that don’t follow the law,” but failed to mention parents as a key partner in making sure high school athletes don’t return too quickly after sustaining a concussion.

Read the article on Texas Public Radio.